Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The end of 'January Blues'

So this month has been nothing but mass eating, pale skin and and an empty purse, and I can not wait for it to be over. Never wanting to wish time away but this month has really dragged! 

So what have I done this month? I decided to make a real effort to get my blogging going and making time to take photos and put effort into ideas and posts. I recently got my Pinterest back on track and pinned down all my ideas about everything I love and want to do. My fabulous man bought me a beautiful diary for Christmas and it's time that I started noted everything down! I get inspiration from the strangest places and don't want to forget any important thoughts! (But don't you just hate writing nervously in a diary for the first time, trying not to ruin it.)

I've decided to start a blogging calendar and note down all important events/dates so I can be prepared and scheduled up in plenty of time. I always end up rushing posts a couple of days in advance & it's unnecessary stress. I want to make a real effort with meeting all the special dates this year with themed posts etc.

Okay, so apart from blogging, I recently got a little car so I am not dependant on anyone else for lifts and getting the bus. Now I have my car, I can't remember what I did without it! It's such a great feeling of independence! So if you see a bright red mini with a union jack on the roof zoom past in Norwich, it's me! (Don't judge my driving skills!)

At work it's been super busy with a massive 50% OFF sale. If you didn't already know, I work as the Social Media Manager for LoveClothing, so go follow us @loveclothing ! We're planning a trip to the Pure London Show to get some new SS15 pieces for our site. If there are any pieces you like and think we should stock, please let me know!

I joined the gym so I can go with my boyfriend & he can motivate me.  I don't want to loose any weight or gain any muscle, just want to maintain my fitness & figure and tone my butt a little more. I set a couple of goals and i inevitably want to be more flexible! The first trip was not so successful as I spent the whole time on a cycling machine and on Instagram, which apparently was "classic Vic, always sat on your ass" but as far as I was concerned, I was just breaking into the gym routine.

Overall this month, the one thing I have learnt.. 
"Organisation is key."
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