Sunday, 27 March 2016

Lancôme juciy shaker

Shake shake shake, dab dab dab!! The newest lip revolution has landed! It’s time to ban the boring and get fruity with the new Juicy Shaker lip gloss.
This ultimate lip gloss has a bi phased formula pairing nourishing lip oils with beautiful pigments for plump but natural looking, glossy lips. These nourishing oils contain sweet almond oil, omega 3 and cranberry oil. The healthy oils your lips lust after!

The cushion applicator feels soft to the touch, allowing the gloss to melt onto the lips. Like a sponge, the applicator absorbs just the right dose of pigment. The shape hugs the lips contours so you cannot go wrong. Thanks to the nourishing oils, the formula is non sticky and non-drying, making lips feel soft and kissable!

Juicy Shaker comes in 13 shades with one limited edition shade, 400 mint to be. These super fun lip glosses are great to apply on the go, whether you are doing a high intensity gym class, out for brunch with friends or catching up at the coolest new bars, Juicy Shaker won’t let your lips down!
Juicy Shaker Lancome in shade 381 Mangoes Wild
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Tuesday, 22 March 2016

Shake it off with Cute Nutrition

Now summer is around the corner, it's time to get off the couch and  get back into a healthier lifestyle. It's so easy to avoid the gym and eating well when it's so cold and dark outside, and all you want is your home comforts! I have recently experienced something within my close family which has made me seriously value the price of good health and it has really made me change the way I look at my diet and lifestyle. 

By no means am I looking to loose weight, but I am just looking to replace my terrible snacking habbits to satisfy my sweet tooth cravings, and these shakes are perfect for the job! They are so easy to make and drink on the go with the Cute Shaker

A Cute Meal Replacement Shake is a Low Calorie, Low Fat & Low Sugar shake. It's designed to support healthy weight loss. It weighs 500g and should last 2 weeks. Each serving is only 130kcal, contains essential vitamins and fully Non GMO.

Shop the Shake range HERE


Low Calorie Shakes & Desert flavoured Snack Bars.


Specifically developed to benefit you & your wellbeing.


Vitamins & Minerals to keep your body healthy.


Cute Nutrition aids weightloss as part of a healthy lifestyle.


Saturday, 19 March 2016

VITL: How to complement a busy lifestyle

Finding the time to stay healthy during a hectic week can be tricky, but I may have found the answer in Vitl, the company that puts an end to random supplement taking by providing all the vitamins you need in handy, daily packs.

Creating a new, convenient way to help meet your nutritional needs, the genius packs have already been championed by the likes of InStyle’s Health and Fitness Editor Jessica Tibbits and include everything you need to help your body function at its best – including a multivitamin, krill oil, a super greens capsule and a co-enzyme – developed by a team of leading experts. 

With each package providing a 28-day supply in tearable daily strips (so you can even take them on the go), that’s wrapped up and delivered straight to your door, this is a brand that’s created a simple solution to a real nutritional headache.

As if that isn't enough, Vitl have created their own blog & mobile app filled with nutritional advice, recipes & fitness tips to kick start a new and healthier you! 

VITL Blog 

Many thanks to my dearest friend Mim for introducing me to this fantastic product, see you when you're home darling! x

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