Thursday, 14 April 2016

Duck & Dry: The perfect blo dry


Duck & Dry is the brand behind the finest blow drys and updos in London. Their style bar on the trendy King’s Road is known for its energy and buzz - as a go to place for great hair and a great time.
Having created beautiful hair for thousands of clients since their launch, they have been on a quest to extend the Duck & Dry experience to clients at home. The natural range of fuss-free haircare and styling essentials helps you achieve professional blow drys when the stylists are not at hand.

 Blow Dry in a Bottle
 Mega Volume Spray
As part of their mission to create the perfect blow dry, D&D have created the ultimate styling tool – Blow Dry in a Bottle. This beautifully scented all–in–one spray builds volume, gives weightless lift and adds texture. But the formula does not stop there! It’s also packed with natural active ingredients that bring goodness to your hair, delivering conditioning and shine.

To use this product, it's so easy! Simply spray the serum into damp hair generously and blow dry as normal.

Instant TLC
Leave-In Conditioner

Gives your locks the instant TLC boost with this leave- in conditioner. Enriched with natural active ingredients and essential oils, it repairs, conditions and tames your hair without weighing it down for a super smooth and frizz free finish. Did I mention that it is also a perfect detangler? Your ultimate tool for the impeccably manageable hair.

**and not forgetting that both 150ml bottles are only £18, so affordable!

If anyone wants to know any more information, or wants to see tutorials using the products please let me know..


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  1. Wow your hair looks incredible, these sound great

    Lauren x |


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