Friday, 1 January 2016

Today I'm loving.. 2016

Happy New Year! So here's the first post of 2016 and I have to apologize that it's not the most creative. Still feeling slightly sorry for myself due to last nights antics! None the less I am feeling positive with the year to come and all that I have planned for my blog. 

My first resolution of the year has been to make more time and put more effort into my posts. It is easy to say "I'll do that later" or "That will do" but I have come to realize that quality is definitely more important than quantity. I know that I need to start scheduling posts to make it more manageable with every day life. 

My second resolution is to start a YouTube channel. I get asked on Instagram for hair & make up tutorial's and have never been brave enough to sit down and film one. I welcome any tips or ideas that any of you have to offer! 

I hope you all had a fabulous New Years Eve and wish you all the love, luck and happiness for the coming year!




  1. Happy new year! I can't wait for the tutorials on youtube

    Lauren x |

    1. Hello Lauren, is there any tutorial in particular that you would be interested in watching? Love VR x


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