Saturday, 18 April 2015

Feeling Tropical!

So here is my public apology for not consistently posting all my outfit posts on my blog recently! I have just started my new job and it's a lot more hours than I have been used to. I am now getting used to the 6am starts and the 6pm finishes so I can now start to work out when it is best for me to write my posts and to start scheduling content. 
After three works in my new job I can honestly say I am so much happier, working with a great bunch of people and working in a happy fast pace environment!

So as you may know, I have started collaborating with Fashion Eyes and this is yet another one of their beautiful dresses. It's well fitting and really shouts summer tropical vibes.

I've teamed it with some orange heels from River Island and my white YSL clutch. 

For those that have been asking about my hair, I literally went to sleep with a fishtail braid and just combed it through in the morning!  
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  1. That's a beautiful dress! Wow, your job sounds pretty intense but good to hear you're happy there x


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