Wednesday, 18 February 2015

My Hair Care Routine!

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It seems a very popular question at the moment.. "What products do you use on your hair?".. So I thought I would write up a post on my daily hair routine. 

I was lucky enough to be gifted these Paul Mitchell hair products from LookFantastic, and I am always wary about changing my shampoos, but this stuff is amazing! I normally suffer from oily hair & a dry scalp but the Hair & Scalp Treatment has really helped. It smells amazing and the fragrances lasts until my next hair wash! 

It's not just the treatments that you apply to your hair which give you the best results, I've found that taking supplements are great for strengthening and growth! (Although please be aware that does not just mean the growth on your head will increase!) The supplement i use is from HairRev and it is 100% natural!

Everyone's hair care routine will be different, and I can't give advice to everyone, but from my experience with my specific hair type, washing your hair more than twice a week is a no go. The more you wash your hair the more natural oils you are washing away and the more likely your hair is going to become more oily. Because I have a fringe to worry about too, I generally use Dry Shampoo just on my fringe to avoid too many hair washes! 
Always use protective products if you are applying heat to your hair! There is nothing worse than split/dead ends and then you'll have to loose a lot of length to make it healthier.

I have my hair cut every 6 weeks and this means my hair grows very quickly. If you are trying to grow your hair out, I would always advise that you get your hair cut regularly! I do have a confession with regards to my fringe, I actually cut my own fringe because it grows so quickly and I do this every one or two weeks! (I do not advise this though as sometimes I seriously regret it!)

If you want to know anymore, just let me know in the comments box below or email me directly! 

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